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Abusive swaddling allegations lead to charges for Nazila Sharaf and Lida Sharaf

Abusive swaddling allegations lead to charges for Nazila Sharaf and Lida Sharaf, Allegations of abusive swaddling lie at the center of a case where two daycare center workers are facing charges. The two workers are facing multiple charges of child neglect and abuse for allegedly swaggling babies so tightly they had trouble breathing. SFGate shared the details on April 24.

Lida Sharaf, 33, and Nazila Sharaf, 35, who are sisters, have been charged in Alameda County, Calif. after the alleged abuse was discovered. The investigation determined that the two daycare workers had wrapped seven children up tightly in blankets, known as swaddling, during their naps. While swaddling is common for young babies, these children were all 7 to 11 months old.

In some cases the babies had blankets placed over their faces. Three of the infants had upper-respiratory conditions, but that allegedly did not stop the Sharaf sisters from the abusive swaddling. Police indicate that this was not simply traditional swaddling. They say that the victims were being restrained and this was neglect and abuse. Both women are being held in jail and face bail of $700,000.

A woman who worked at the center was reportedly disgusted by the improper restraints and contacted authorities after she quit. Luckily it seems that none of the children were ultimately injured, but many worry what would have happened had the abuse continued. The daycare, the Universal Preschool LCC, has been closed over the abusive swaddling allegations.

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