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N.M. church stabbing: Man stabs four choir members in Albuquerque church

N.M. church stabbing: Man stabs four choir members in Albuquerque church, A Sunday afternoon choir practice ended horribly as a man wielding a knife entered a N.M. church and ended up stabbing four people. The L.A. Times reported on Sunday, April 28, 2013, that at least four people were hurt in the Albuquerque church when a visitor simply got out of the pew he was sitting in and stabbed a choir member in the middle of a hymn.

Police say that none of the injuries appear to be life threatening.

By Sunday afternoon, 24-year-old Lawrence Capener has been identified as the suspect. He was being interviewed be police and could face "numerous charges," per Tasia Martinez, an Albuquerque Police Deparment spokeswoman.

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14-year-old Vanessa Lucero said that she was sitting behind the man that did the stabbing. She said he "was kind of twitchy, sketchy looking. He had a tattoo of an upside-down star on his wrist."

It was a scary sight for all to witness as a couple more parishioners said that after they received communion at the St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church, a young man simply attacked. They say the man was in his late teens or early twenties.

"While that was going on, people were just panicking. It was scary, you wouldn’t think something like that would happen in church," Reyes Stinson, 18, told The Times.

Lucero also said that the man leaped toward the choir's lead singer and was screaming, "False preacher!" There is no word at this time as to a motive for the attack by Capener in the N.M. church stabbing.

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