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UK BBC reports attempt to pass snooping bill was there more

UK BBC reports attempt to pass snooping bill was there more, What the big guns already do...

Don’t the big corporations contract that they will not share your information in their signup agreements?

Home Office plans to store details of Britons’ online activity will not happen while the Liberal Democrats are in government, Nick Clegg has said. -BBC NEWS UK

Its intriguing the insurmountable endless piles of knowledge and technology we have today and yet their are few who truly understand it. Have the lawmakers been blind sided? Who advises them on technology? Are they up to date? Can they keep up? Does anyone know how, when or why they cannot keep up? Is it their job to speak geek? Has anyone set aside the endless rhetoric and stated things in Plain English? Why not? What are they hiding?

Hackers, crackers, coders, law makers and every day civilians alike have to learn to speak as if attending international negotiations between more countries than there are in the entire world. This task seems impossible as at first approach it is overwhelming. The language of technology changes as the technology changes and its hard to keep up for most ‘end users’ (the people who use the technology and programs people make).

What is all this? What does it mean? How do I find out? Where can I research this? How do I begin? Where do I begin? Yet the answer is still simple. As the world embraced technology the technology embraced the people and people may have forgotten how to interact or merely socialize as human beings.

Mr Clegg said he would be willing to accept changes to take account of new technology – such as ensuring each mobile device had its own unique IP address.
However, has Mr Clegg seen a phone be copied spoofed or even clone another Phone’s ID numbers which include mac addresses ESN’s and etc? A mac number is the number assigned to a device and an ESN is another number assigned to the device. In simple terms its like a phone number assigned to a device except the device such as a cell phone has more than one.

But, he said: “What people have dubbed the snooper’s charter – I have to be clear with you, that’s not going to happen. -BBC NEWS UK

Let us review:

Google has a quite successful business selling its core apps gmail, calendar, drive, docs etc to businesses, with professional support and features. Scary? All of those services allow us to almost painlessly export the data and take it to another app, web-app or desktop-based application. Data collection and portability. In fact, go ahead and do it now as a backup.
Facebook collects browsing data to provide content and ads more relevant to your interests. This makes the Facebook experience more appealing. Where the user does not have to manually browse for the information while he or she satisfies their curiosity.The applications designed to make everyday life easier on the User.

The almighty like buttons or remove or untaq buttons tell the database where your information is stored what to display and what not to. Describing who you are and what your interests are. What the informed people are trying to do is pull the wool over people and law makers eyes to get a hold of that information. It would be the most horrid invasion of privacy ever known to mankind.

What of curiosity and new ideas? What about free thought? While people follow the pre-programmed and marketed response to their already known likes and dislikes how will they develop new ideas being lead by a machine? Where is the spontaneity needed for new ideas to be born, developed and brought to life?

“What people have dubbed the snooper’s charter – I have to be clear with you, that’s not going to happen. In other words the idea that the government will pass a law which means there will be a record kept of every website you visit, who you communicate with on social media sites, that’s not going to happen. It’s certainly not going to happen with Liberal Democrats in government.” said Mr. Clegg according to the BBC NEWS UK.
Is there a treasure trove of data which you can dip into if you need to?Are there doubts whether it was even technically feasible?

They do it everyday as there are even artificially intelligent call bots, Chat bots and virtual assistants which learn how to serve you better by observing your habits and interests.

They can market products, things and ideas based on your interests and either over indulge one or filter one out depending on the market for today. Like technological heaven for the corporate pioneer but their are groups that want that information to use it against you to try and predict or control your experience to derive their outcome according to some technological enthusiasts.

“This has been an objective review about bills and laws around the world such as this that appear to be questionable at the least.” ~Correspondent Joseph Kirk

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