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Kidnapped from gas station: Young mom working alone late at night abducted

Kidnapped from gas station: Young mom working alone late at night abducted, A young mother was kidnapped from a Michigan gas station late Friday night when she was working alone, according to the latest police reports today. This is an abduction, not missing person's case said the Norton Shores police chief. “Something very bad happened” to this mother of a three-year-old son at that station on Friday night, Chief Daniel Shaw told the media.

According to Fox News on April 29, Jessica Heeringa, 25, waited on her last customer at 10:50 p.m., according to the cash register. At 11:15 p.m. another customer walked into the store and called 911 when he found the store unmanned. The gas station does not have security cameras and police believe who ever did this, knew there were no cameras.

Herringa's purse was left in the store and her car was still in the parking lot of the gas station, but she was nowhere to be found. There were no signs of a struggle in the store, leaving police to believe she may have known her abductor.

Authorities did however get footage off a security camera from a nearby bar and a silver minivan in that footage looks like the same vehicle a passerby saw at the station late Friday night. The authorities are looking for the driver of that minivan as a person of interest.

The witness described the man as between 30 and 40 and having wavy hair that's parted in the middle. The minivan could be a Chrysler Town and Country. Family, friends and neighbors are putting up missing persons posters in the area.

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