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MIA Vietnam War vet found? 44-years later MIA vet alive

MIA Vietnam War vet found? 44-years later MIA vet alive, Has an MIA Vietnam War vet been found? On April 30, Mail Online reported that 76-year-old John Hartley Robertson is believed to be alive and well, living in Vietnam forty-four years after he was presumed dead. The problem in proving whether or not this is true lies in the hands of his two daughters -- the girls are refusing to take DNA tests.

"Somebody suggested to me maybe that's (because) the daughters don't want to know if it's him. It's kind of like, 'That was an ugly war. It was a long time ago. We just want it to go away.' I don’t know. What would compel you not to want to know if this person is your biological father?" said filmmaker Michael Jorgensen.

The MIA Vietnam War vet found is part of a new documentary that is questioning whether or not he is who he says he is. Without any DNA testing, it's near impossible to confirm whether or not he is Sgt. John Hartley Robertson -- a one-time Green Beret who "was presumed dead after his helicopter was shot down during a special ops mission over Laos in 1968" (Mail Online).

The documentary titled "Unclaimed" follows Robertson's story and takes into account his knowledge of the Vietnam War and his whereabouts in the years following. The documentary will play during the Toronto Film Festival tonight.

This MIA Vietnam War vet found could be quite the discovery. Do you think it's really him? Do you think his kids should take a DNA test?

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