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President Obama: The American people will not be intimidated by terrorism

President Obama: The American people will not be intimidated by terrorism, In a White House interview this morning, April 30, 2013, President Obama addressed the country and answered questions regarding the Boston bombing and the investigations that took place. His message was clear. The American people should live their lives and not be intimidated by terrorists.

He indicated that United States intelligence was informed by intelligence from the Russian government, about the Tsamaev brothers.

The FBI investigated the intelligence that was received and interviewed the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The resulting determination was that there was no threat.

“The department of Homeland Security did what it was supposed to be doing.” Said the president.

President Obama went on to state that for several months he has reached out to the U.S. counterterrorism team, to find out what more can be done. One topic discussed was engaging communities where there is a more likely chance that domestic terrorism could be brewing. Additionally, they are investigating what other work that can be done. The president said, “All of this has to be done within our laws”.

A question was posed. “Are we getting all of the intelligence we need from the Russians and should Americans be worried about going to a public event now?”

The President responded with this regarding the question about Russia. “Obviously old habits die hard. There are suspicions between intelligence and law enforcement agencies.” He went on to say, “President Putin is committed to working with me. “

He indicated that the American people should take a que from Boston. Throughout Boston, Cambridge and Waterton, people are still going out to events, and living their lives. He encourages the American people to continue to live their lives and not let “warped, twisted individuals” intimidate us.

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