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News media credibility disturbed by recent revelations of Benghazi terror attack

News media credibility disturbed by recent revelations of Benghazi terror attack, Many in the mainstream news media find themselves trapped somewhere between uncomfortable and mortified as more facts and information surface about the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.

Now embarrassed, many news organizations attempts to ignore or soften the blows against the Obama Administration for deliberately telling false information to the American people regarding the Sept. 11, 2013 attacks, have disturbed their credibility.

“Make no mistake,” President Obama stated the day after U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Steven, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith were killed by terrorists.

“We will work with the Libyan government to bring justice to the killers who attacked our people,” the news organizations quoted the president as saying.

It’s no wonder the media has devoted little coverage to a 43-page report recently released by House Republicans last week.

Information revealed from investigations of five separate House committee indicate that the fabricated information sent out by Obama Administration was done so to protect Hillary Clinton’s State Department for cutting back security despite formal pleas for help prior to the attack.

Now Fox News is reporting that officials in the know about Benghazi from both the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency are getting lawyers because they “have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials.”

Monday Fox quote Victoria Toensing, an attorney representing at least one of the State Department’s whistleblowers, “I’m talking specifically about Benghazi, that people have been threatened. And not just in the State Department. People have been threatened in the CIA.”

See the list for other new revelations related to the Obama Administration’s attempts to cover up with the support of mainstream media.

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