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'Super drunk' principal arrested on school property, slips off handcuffs

'Super drunk' principal arrested on school property, slips off handcuffs, A 'super drunk' principal from Deerfield Elementary School in Novi, Mich. was arrested on school grounds April 8, reports April 30. Kim Warren managed to slip out of her handcuffs and attempted to hand them to police when she was in the police car.

Warren was arrested in the school's parking lot after she failed a breathalyzer by blowing a .21 and .20 -- over twice the legal limit. She was charged based on a "super drunk" ordinance.

While the school principal was in the back seat of the police car, she managed to slip off her handcuffs. A video was posted of the incident that is circulating the Internet. In the video, she was instructed by the officer not to throw her handcuffs out the window. How she was able to get out of a locked set of handcuffs is interesting.

Warren was seen crying and said she wanted to quit her job. She has since been suspended from her job as the elementary school principal and is likely not to return after this spectacle that has made national news.

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