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Ponytail stunt death: Stuntman Sailendra Nath has Heart Attack

Ponytail stunt death: Stuntman Sailendra Nath has Heart Attack, horrified onlookers when lot of onlookers gathered at the Teesta river in West Bengal, India. Sailendra Nath Roy, 48, was attempting a stunt where he crossed the river suspended by a zip wire attached to his ponytail. According to the BBC on April 29, Roy died after suffering a heart attack.

Roy was trying to cross the Coronation Bridge, and sources indicate this was one of many dangerous stunts like this he had attempted over the years. In fact, he did a similar ponytail stunt in 2007 when he was filmed by television cameras flying from one building to another. Police say that Roy did not have permission to be on the bridge doing this stunt.

The ponytail stunt death happened as Sailendra Nath Roy walked across a zip wire 70 feet above the river. It seems he had made it approximately half the distance across when he started to struggle. About 30 minutes later, he became still. He was reportedly hanging for about 45 minutes before police could get him down from the zip line. Doctors indicate he had a massive heart attack.

Roy held a Guinness World Record after a March 2011 stunt where he travelled the farthest distance doing his signature trick with the zip wire and his hair. The ponytail stunt may have made him famous, but it also seems to have lead to his death. Hundreds watched as the ponytail stunt death transpired, but there were not emergency personnel on the scene to get to him quickly enough to save his life.

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