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Los Angeles City Council approved LAX expansion

Los Angeles City Council approved LAX expansion, City Council passed, on April 30, 2013, a 4.76 billion dollar proposal to expand and modernize the Los Angeles International Airport which includes the demolition of the North Runway at and rebuild it 260 feet to the north.

LAX is the second busiest airport in the nation and supporters of the project argue that, when completed, the project would ease the congestion and make runways safer. I would also allow the landing of the Boeing 787 and other jumbo jets.

Among those who opposed the expansion were some residents of Westchester and Playa who were upset with the decision because, they argued, it would increase noise and pollution and will lower property value. They vowed the will challenge the decision in courts.

Alberto Chocojoy, who attended the hearing, said that the project “will bring more employment in the comercial construction industry and potentially more employment for Latinos in that industry”

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