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Boston bombing victims are real people not actors

Boston bombing victims are real people not actors, The Boston Marathon bombings have given birth to a wave of conspiracy theories hatched by individuals who wish to cast the bombings as a false flag attack orchestrated by the US government. They argue that the bombings were designed either to justify waging a new war or to justify further curtailing civil liberties to impose a police state at home.

The theories take on a number of different forms, many of which contradict one another. Among the most popular and most absurd theories is the one that states that the victims of the bombing were actors who staged their injuries as part of an elaborate hoax.

In this "injuries are faked" theory, skeptics of the official media and government version of events, are somehow not skeptical of the idea that maybe half a dozen amputees and dozens of other people coordinated an elaborate hoax in front of thousands of others at a major event like the Boston Marathon.

They somehow either dismiss the two bomb blasts that undoubtedly occurred, as either fake explosions or as explosions that miraculously did not seriously injure anybody, including all the alleged amputee actors and actresses that were in place near the blast zone.

The conspiracy theorists who embrace this theory chastise everyone who is skeptical of their theory as "sheeple" or uncritical thinkers because we have doubts that the whole event was staged by a team of actors in cahoots with the media and the government.

These actors are Americans who are willing to fake the maiming and murdering of their fellow citizens for some undetermined reason to advance an agenda that leads inexorably to martial law, which they apparently support. In the world of the "false flag" true believer, the official version is suspect, but the far more implausible hoax that the whole event was staged is somehow beyond question.

We know two bombs exploded. We know real people were killed. We know over two hundred people were injured. Fourteen people suffered amputations. There were thousands of eyewitnesses to the blast. Perhaps they were all in on it.

Perhaps Bostonian liberals and runners from across the country were all gathered together in some secret plot to enable the police and Barack Obama to take our rights away.

In addition, they found people who could sneak in a team of amputees and buckets of blood while fooling or gaining the complicity of all the unwitting bystanders and media outlets on the scene. The hospitals and doctors in Boston are apparently in on the ruse as well.

So are the families of the victims. So are the children under twelve years old who are in the hospital. So is Michelle Obama who visited the hospital. Great actors all of them.

All of this so that we could wage war with those countries we have been so intent on fighting like Chechnya and Dagestan. Not Iran and Syria, but Chechnya, Dagestan and Kyrgyzstan. You know the new "Axis of evil" that we have never heard of but that nevertheless we have been trying so hard to find a false flag to wage war upon.

Yet, Obama has not declared war on these nations or any other. Or perhaps it was to frame Patriots on Patriot day, a false flag to justify mass gun confiscation. However, I guess they could not find a patsy to impersonate a Tea Partier, because the FBI and CIA are apparently short of middle aged and older white men?

So instead they had to use their most experienced super secret 19-year old agent, who has probably been in the intelligence agency for a decade or two. Well maybe not quite two decades, since he is only nineteen. I bet they hired him when he was seven years old or so.

While it would be easy to dismiss conspiracy theorists as harmless crackpots, that might be a mistake. A peer-reviewed scholarly study by Karen Douglas and Robbie Sutton at the University of Kent found that people were more likely to endorse conspiracy theories if they described themselves as willing to personally conspire against somebody.

So conspiracy theorists may be projecting their own debased morality on others. The paradox is that they scold us for not recognizing the evil that the government is capable of, but the propensity to engage in evil resides inside of them, and they may project that willingness to conspire onto others.

So Tamerlan Tsarnaev was apparently an Alex Jones fan, embracing Jones' "false flag" theory on the September 11, 2001 attacks. Then paradoxically, if he was guilty, he uses the "false flag" ideology to justify his own bombing in Boston, which then recirculates as a "false flag" attack, giving justification for the next would be bomber to decide the government is so evil that terrorism is an acceptable mode of resistance.

Jared Loughner was also a fan of Alex Jones' conspiracy theories, giving him added impetus to justify shooting a Congress woman and a judge at a local meet and greet.

Oregon's Kevin Purfield, who thought the Aurora Theater massacre was a false flag attack, took it upon himself to harass a dozen families who were victimized by the theater shooting.

Purfield is now in jail, being held on 100,000 dollars bond. While these people may blame the federal government for unsubstantiated false flag attacks, they use their delusions to justify their own vicious attacks on their fellow citizens. Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, along with irresponsible lawmakers like Stella Tremblay (R-NH) add fuel to the fire for unbalanced individuals to carry out the next deadly attack.

By circulating unfounded and implausible theories that implicate everyone from bombing victims, journalists, police officers, FBI agents, government officials, medical doctors and little children hit by flying shrapnel into a vast scheme to deprive us of our rights, the conspiracy mongers create the very climate of fear they claim they are fighting against.

As Americans it is our responsibility to stand up to the lies and to humanize the great people of Boston and the law enforcement agents who did their jobs from April 15th through April 19th, and to reject the ridiculous notion that the entire atrocity was just a cleverly staged play designed to strip us of our freedoms.

Common sense dictates that we respect the dignity of the victims of the Boston attacks and repudiate the carnival barkers and the lunatics who insist that all the carnage that day was planned, plotted and faked by agents within the US government, working with the assistance of a large team of actors, cops and journalist bent on enslaving us.

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