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CPS takes child after parents request a second medical opinion

CPS takes child after parents request a second medical opinion, On April 27, The Healthy Home Economist shares the story of Anna and Alex Nikolayev who tried to do nothing but give the best to their baby, Sammy, when he came down with some flu like symptoms that quickly became a nightmare situation that every parent dreads.

As the story goes, the couple took their five month old baby to Sutter Memorial Hospital after the baby's flu like symptoms started requiring antibiotics, then emergency heart surgery. Anna and Alex took the baby to Kaiser Permanente, a rival medical facility for a second opinion before Sutter was able to give any further care. The couple claim that they went from one hospital to the next where doctors at Kaiser said that the baby was fine to go home. Police showed up to the hospital at the request of Sutter Memorial and left satisfied that the baby was fine after talking to the attending physician as well as reviewing medical charts.

The next day, CPS showed up at the home with police and forcibly removed the baby because they claim that the baby was unsafe after the family took Sammy for a second opinion once there was talk of heart surgery and the nurse began administering antibiotics but wasn't sure why.

Currently, a hearing is set for April 29, and Sammy is being held in protective custody at Sutter Memorial, the very same hospital that the family didn't feel safe with after crazy allegations that the couple's baby was practically dying in their arms. When CPS was contacted, they said that they rely heavily on the medical opinion of professionals and didn't feel that the child was safe in the home. It seems clear that they didn't contact Kaiser for an assessment of Sammy's medical needs otherwise the baby would still be with his parents.

Alex seemingly summed it up correctly when he stated that he feels that parents have no rights whatsoever. When a medical facility can simply take your child because they don't agree with you, and CPS will enforce the ruling because they didn't thoroughly check out the situation makes many parents hesitant. These sorts of situations can ultimately scare parents away from doing things that are in the best interest of their child to begin with. The family is still wondering why their baby was taken to begin with.

An attorney for the Nikolayev family says about the situation;

“It’s absolutely amazing to me how a government can reach out and snatch a child after a doctor said there’s not an issue. As we've seen, there is no emergency situation in this case...I can’t imagine having my baby ripped from my arms. They [police and CPS] were provided with medical evidence that said that the baby was fine to be taken home and despite this, they manufactured an excuse to take this baby away. I think what it comes down to is that parents didn't appreciate the opinion of the doctor in a hospital and wanted to seek a second opinion. The mistake that they made was without signing out the child, they left the hospital and went to a different hospital and in my opinion what they did upset the initial physician and he decided to make a call to the Child Protective Services and say that there’s a child who is in imminent danger of death. What he did not know at that time was that they had gone to a second hospital and a different doctor said- no, it is not an issue.”

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