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H7N9 bird flu more dangerous and deadly than H5N1 strain that claimed 332 lives

H7N9 bird flu more dangerous and deadly than H5N1 strain that claimed 332 lives, The H7N9 strain of the bird flu virus outbreak in China has claimed the lives of 23 people. There are 110 known cases, including one in Taiwan.

The recent outbreak, according to the April 26, CNN Health News is “unlike any that has previously been seen in this type of virus.”

CNN reports five important things to know about the H7N9 virus.

1. To date, there is “no evidence of human-to-human transmission to date.”

2. The virus is deadly and dangerous to humans and “appears to be transmitted more easily from poultry to humans than H5N1… the strain responsible for the outbreak between 2004 and 2007, which claimed 332 lives.”

3. It is unclear why the virus, which up until March was only found in birds, is now infecting humans. The source of the infection is unknown.

4. Normal cooking of poultry will inactivate the virus. That is if poultry is cooked to at least 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius).

5. There are no travel restrictions to and from China, but “travelers who go there should refrain from touching birds and other animals and wash their hands often.”

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