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Jinxed: Carnival Triumph is evacuated again after barge explosions

Jinxed: Carnival Triumph is evacuated again after barge explosions, As if the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph has not had enough bad luck, 800 crew members were evacuated after two nearby barges exploded in the port at Mobile, Alabama. According to an April 25 report on, the Carnival Triumph was in port in Mobile for repairs after being stranded at sea without power.

According to Fox News, many of the crew members were living on board the ship while repairs were being conducted. The ship is located about two football field lengths across the river from the burning barges. The barges were hauling fuel, and the fire was thought to have started from a spark during cleaning.

Earlier this month, the Triumph had broken free from its moors during a wind storm that hit Mobile Bay.

It will be interesting to see how the Triumph is received when it is reincorporated into the Carnival Cruise lineup. Accounts of free-flowing sewage on the ship could prevent some vacationers from ever feeling comfortable with the health and safety of the onboard environment.

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