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Senator to retire: Sen. Max Baucus of Montana will not seek another term

Senator to retire: Sen. Max Baucus of Montana will not seek another term, A major announcement came Tuesday with a key senator to retire. Sen. Max Baucus of Montana says he will not seek a seventh term. USA Today shared the details on April 23.

Baucus says that he doesn't “want to die here with my boots on,” so he is looking toward life beyond Congress. Sen. Baucus is a powerful member of the Senate, being a Democrat who tends to vote with the Republicans on a number of issues. He is one who drew a great deal of criticism last week when he voted against expanded background checks on gun purchases.

The news that the senator is retiring sets up a big battle in Montana. The state leans conservative, but of course Baucus showed that it is possible for a Democrat to get elected there and hold onto the seat. Sen. Max Baucus was central in the process of pulling together President Obama's health care bill, and he is the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

There are a number of other senators retiring next year as well, which will definitely make the 2014 elections intriguing to watch. Will there be some significant shifts in the Senate once all is said and done? Regardless of who wins Sen. Max Baucus' seat after his retirement, it seems clear that it will lead to a shift in the make-up of the Senate, given the senator's party and leanings.

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