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Sex book to be published in Hebrew for orthodox Jews as wedding night aid

Sex book to be published in Hebrew for orthodox Jews as wedding night aid, A new sex manual to be published in Hebrew is targeted at orthodox Jews who practice strict abstinence prior to marriage and know little about “male-female interactions,” according to an April 22, 2013 Daily Beast report.

The author of the book, Dr. David Ribner, spent three decades working with Jews in Israel, and told the website, “We wanted to give people a sense of not only where to put their sexual organs, but where to put their arms and legs… If you have never seen a movie, never read a book, how are you supposed to know what you do?”

The Daily Beast reports that many ultra-orthodox Jews find sex “so taboo” that when a man is on a date with a woman or prospective wife, he will “often keep his hands behind his back.”

When a couple marries and attempt to consummate their union on their wedding night, they may not understand exactly what to do, the report says.

Although other such guides exist, apparently most are vague and none have direct information regarding how to actually engage in sexual intercourse.

Ribner’s book is not sexually explicit or graphic, but has three basic sexual diagrams of “outline figures with no faces” to instruct readers, the Daily Beast writes.

In addition, the diagrams come in a separate envelope warning of its contents, so even those images can be avoided by those who just want the minimum information so they can enjoy one another after marriage.

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