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Survivor arrest mix-up: 'Survivor' winner Kim Spradlin jailed while at DMV

Survivor arrest mix-up: 'Survivor' winner Kim Spradlin jailed while at DMV, Kimberly Spradlin, the 29-year-old bridal shop owner and Survivor "One World" winner, found herself in a situation she wasn’t familiar with – she was getting voted out.

No, not by a group of competitors in Upola, Samoa, but at a Department of Motor Vehicles in San Antonio, Texas. According to the April 26 TMZ report, Spradlin got yanked out of the DMV and spent half a day behind bars, all because of a muddled DMV mess.

The recently married Spradlin went to the DMV on April 16 to legally change her name. At the counter, a staffer saw something in their system indicating Kim was a wanted woman. DMV records showed there was a warrant out to arrest Spradlin for check fraud.

The warrant, issued by authorities in nearby Hale County, Texas, was indeed for a Kim Spradlin, but not this Spradlin, who was arrested and had to spend 8 hours in jail before bailing herself out with $1,500.

While it’s certainly not shocking to hear that there could be bewilderment at a DMV, what is surprising is how cool and collected Spradlin was over the ordeal. Perhaps her ability to maintain strong relationships and to dominate challenging situations, which netted her the million dollar “Ultimate Survivor” prize, helped her get through her DMV nightmare.

Spradlin laughed and was good-natured about her brief jail time. She told TMZ, "Be careful at the DMV, you never know what's going to happen."

She added, "Bring a jacket… it's cold in jail."

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