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Swift $17 million mansion: Taylor Swift purchases massive mansion with cash

Swift $17 million mansion: Taylor Swift purchases massive mansion with cash, A short time ago, various media sources criticized Taylor Swift for purchasing a luxury property to be near her former boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. However, the sale of the house brought her huge profits and now Taylor wants to repeat the experience.

On April 27, TMZ reported that the successful artist just purchased a $17 million mansion in an even more exclusive neighborhood located in Rhode Island. The "Love Story" singer recently visited the mansion that goes by the name, the "Harkness House."

According to TMZ, the house was priced around $20 million, but money is no problem for Swift, whose meteoric career has given her a very large fortune. Swift was able to strike a deal with the real estate company, and she purchased the mansion for a measly $17.75 million.

The decision to buy the massive $17 million mansion was made after the singer went to the property on April 15 with her family and spent a long time searching every corner.

Perhaps Taylor, known for her many romances, has preferred to invest her time in homes which gain value over the years, rather than men, who always seem to bring her trouble.

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