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Will Heidi Klum still be celebrating her 40th with a hat party

Will Heidi Klum still be celebrating her 40th with a hat party, Heidi Klum may be reconsidering her plans to throw a hat-themed party to celebrate her 40th birthday in June now that at least two of her young proteges on Germany's Next Top Model have caught head lice.

The supermodel and mother of Leni, 8, Henry, 7, Johan, 6, and Lou, 3, presents the German TV show based on the American version hosted by fellow model Tyra Banks.

Klum said that she herself did not have nits.

The first model to catch lice was one of the front-runners of the competition, 16-year-old Anna Maria, who said she had no idea where they came from, German news service Spiegel reported.

On the episode in which the infestation was discovered she said: 'I probably tried on a hat while shopping, and suddenly I had lice.'

Klum speculated that the itchy bugs were perhaps 'a little souvenir from New York', where Anna was for their recent Fashion Week.

The show's network, ProSeiben, revealed there was at least one confirmed victim and one suspected case.

Sensible model Sabrina said that growing up on a farm meant she knew about this sort of things, and helped Anna Maria wash her hair with a special nit-annihilating shampoo and brush out eggs using a special metal comb.

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She also placated the fears of 16-year-old Lovelyn, who worried that the outbreak might mean the models would be forced to shave their heads.

The models will, however, have to clean all the clothes, bedsheets and furniture used by the infested girls.

A head louse and an egg on a human hair, which must be removed using a special shampoo and a special metal comb

Heidi Klum, centre, presents Germany's Next Top Model, the German version of the American programme presented by Tyra Banks, right, here appearing on the Tyra Banks Show in 2005 alongside supermodel Beverly Johnson, left

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