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Woman finds $36,000 and returns it in an incredible act of honesty

Woman finds $36,000 and returns it in an incredible act of honesty, A Florida woman is being praised by police for turning in a massive fortune she found on a golf course. According to a report on April 23 from WSVN, the woman stumble upon $36,000 while she was on a golf course. She credits her Christian faith for leading her to "do what's right."

Castillo works as a drink server at the Miami Beach Golf Course. While on duty, customers alerted her to an unattended bag. She opened it, and to her surprise, she discovered $36,000 in cash along with the ID of a 76-year-old man. That's close to what she makes in a year.

Castillo notified police of the bag full of cash and told them there was an identification inside the bag which belonged to a 76-year-old man. Police returned the money to the man who they believe is suffering from declining mental health.

Castillo said her Christian faith was the main factor in her decision to return the money.

"If you do what's right, if you live the right way, you'll be taken care of."

If you found a bagful of $36,000 in cold hard cash sitting alone in Miami Beach, would you return it?

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