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Woman swallows $5,000 diamond: Clever idea goes bad with champagne flute

Woman swallows $5,000 diamond: Clever idea goes bad with champagne flute, A woman swallows $5,000 diamond as she sips on champagne meant to be part of a surprise at a Tampa Women’s Club over the weekend. According to Inquisitr April 25, 400 women attended the charity event when a local jeweler was anxious to hear one of them scream with joy after the champagne glasses were handed out. Instead, there was no diamond to be seen after everyone finished their drinks.

It soon became clear one of the women accidentally swallowed the large diamond.

“We were going table to table. There were 400 flutes so were going quickly table to table and in the end there was no diamond," Andrew Meyer with the Continental Wholesale Diamond said.

An elderly woman at the event had a colonoscopy done and sure enough the $5,000 diamond was found. Just to make sure it was the real thing, the jeweler had it verified.

It might not have been a very clever idea to place a real diamond inside a wine glass that was going to be filled with champagne. Who would have thought to look inside their glass while sipping on the champagne? It's probably a safe bet to assume no jeweler would take a chance on something like this happening again!

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