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Bill Gates 'rude': Handshake offensive to South Koreans

Bill Gates 'rude': Handshake offensive to South Koreans, It was reported on April 23, 2013, South Korean media took offense to Bill Gates "rude" handshake with President Park Geun-hye on Monday according to ABC News.

A one-hand shake in Korean culture is considered to be very casual and used only among friends and those of more youthful age. The same handshake done with one hand in the pocket is, "done when one is expressing superiority to the other."

"'Perhaps it was his all-American style but an open jacket with hand in pocket? That was way too casual. It was very regretful,' said Chung Jin-suk, secretary general at the Korean National Assembly."

Social networks are ablaze with chatter about the incident today. On Twitter @joohecho commented, "S.Korean public not happy with @BillGates. FYI, shaking hands with one hand and the other in pocket is considered RUDE." And @ChannelPKtown said, "LOL don't think it was intentional, Bill Gates is just a NERD! Ignorant. It was rude though. "

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