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Boston Police: Did you leave property behind on Boylston after bombing

Boston Police: Did you leave property behind on Boylston after bombing, As Twitter-land continues to talk about the police officer who took milk to a family with a baby during the Watertown lockdown in Boston following the Marathon bombings, the Boston Police Dept. is asking on April 23 if anyone left their property behind on Boylston Street during the crisis, according to their Twitter account.

For those who did leave items behind they BPD wants people to contact them by email or phone. The email address is or you can call them directly at (617) 343-4500.

Interestingly, the officer who delivered the milk to the family who couldn't leave their home to get some for their 17-month-old son did so without taking a dime for his effort, according to

The family could always offer to reimburse him now by leaving an envelope containing the money at the police department. Everyone who works there will know which officer did it since his face has been plastered in the media. But the free publicity the law enforcement agency has received as a result more than compensates for what that milk cost. And the officer is likely getting all kinds of pats on the back from his superiors for the effort, who may have compensated him themselves.

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