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British woman feasts on 2,500 calories a night, while asleep

British woman feasts on 2,500 calories a night, while asleep, It’s hard enough for most of us to watch our weight when we are awake, but for one British woman, her biggest challenge comes at night, when binge eating sets in, and she says she has no control over it.

Fox News carried the story April 23 of 55-year-old Lesley Cusack, who has a rare disorder called nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, which finds her eating while sleeping.

The mother-of-three from Warrington, Cheshire says she consumes mass calories at night, up to 2,500 calories, and must diet during the day in fear of the pounds she will pack on during the overnight hours.

Cusask said that every morning, when she gets up, she has to inspect the garbage and refrigerator to determine what, and how much, she ate.

"I can only tell by the remains in the morning. I tend to find opened tins of things or packets and I've no idea whether I've eaten some of them cold or not. Sometimes I've found soup in pans, but also in bowl. It all can get rather messy.”

She’s tried everything – from locks in the kitchen to alarms – to try to snap her out of her late-night feasts.

"I've put alarms on my doors in the hope it will wake me up. It doesn't work though. I simply turn it off in my sleep. I'm trying to lose weight but it's a constant battle. I can follow a diet to the letter but it goes to pot at night.”

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