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20,000 students sue the State of California over mediocre language education

20,000 students sue the State of California over mediocre language education, Despite California being the most populous state in the U.S. and having the most school students, language education is far behind any established curriculum standards, and 20,000 students are suing because of it.

Fox News reported April 24 that a lawsuit against the state of California and its education workers was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Attorney Mark Rosenbaum said in Wednesday's filing that students who need to learn English are lagging behind in all of their other required courses, because they cannot understand what is being taught.

This despite Calif. school districts collecting federal funds specifically for the purpose of teaching English as a primary or secondary language.

Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Zeiger says the state is determined to provide English learners appropriate instruction.

According to Fox News, the suit seeks a court order for schools to provide courses to English learners who need them, attorney's fees for filing the suit and unspecified further equitable relief the court finds appropriate

California has more students in school than 36 states have in total population, and the state has one of the highest projected enrollments in the country. Even so, funding and staffing levels in California schools are behind other states.

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