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Justin Bieber attacked, video of criminal attacking Bieber goes viral

Justin Bieber was attacked while playing at a piano in concert in Dubai, and on Monday, May 5, the video of Bieber being approached by a crazed fan clearly committing a crime has gone viral.

In the video, which is shot on a cell phone and is quite short (and might be removed from YouTube entirely once Team Bieber finds out it was released online, Justin is seen sitting at a black piano.

Calmly singing “Believe,” Justin is then approached by what appears to be a man. Closing in on Bieber at a decent speed, it’s unclear if the fan is attempting to hurt the pop singer, or merely give him a hug.

Whatever his intentions, we’ll never know, Bieber’s security team close in on the fanatic.

What ensues is a quick struggle that not only prompts Bieber to stand up, but have the piano actually flip over as the security members tackle the alleged attacker.

But as surprising as a fan breaking the rules, jumping over barricades, and storming the stage is to witness, what might be even more shocking in Bieber’s reaction. Although not easy to see thanks to it being cell phone footage, it appears that the attack doesn’t faze Bieber, as he saunters camly to the other side of the stage and continues singing the song.

For more on the Justin Bieber attacked story, be sure to return to this column.

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