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Susan Jacobson update: Possible items of interest located

Susan Jacobson update: Possible items of interest located, The search for Susan Jacobson continued over the weekend to no success, which produced some items of interest -- though officials are not sure yet if they are connected to her disappearance. Scent dogs were reportedly used according to this May 6, 2013 Modesto Bee report, but it's not being reported if any scents were detected, nor is it being clarified if these were SAR dogs or cadaver dogs.

Detectives have clarified that there is no evidence of foul play in the disappearance of the Sun City area woman who vanished five days ago.

Since her wallet was found by a good Samaritan and turned in to police no other real developments have come up in the case.

Fox 40 reports that the weekend searches canvassed over the region of Sun City where she resides, with a group consisting mostly of police officers -- though other reports indicate 200 people have participated in searches.

It would be interesting to find out what these potential items of interest are, and what kind of role they may play in the disappearance of Susan Jacobson, if any.

It's important to not speculate too much until testing is completed on the items and they're either confirmed as connected or not.

It hasn't been clarified by police on whether or not security tapes have been checked at the grocery store parking lot where her car was found abandoned.

It's not known if she was kidnapped, murdered or if she just wandered away on her own -- and security footage may play a big role in answering some of the questions in this case.

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