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Cleveland Volcano: Eruption causes travel alert to be issued

Cleveland Volcano: Eruption causes travel alert to be issued, An eruption of a Cleveland Volcano in Alaska was reported by the Daily Mail on Sunday, May 5, 2013, and there have already been some alerts issued. The remote volcano erupted on Saturday with three different explosions and started shooting forth a continuous plume of steam, gas, and ash. The problem is that all of this is happening right underneath a route of high air traffic.

The location in question is actually a huge air traffic stretch between North America and Asia. Luckily, the issues are not severe enough to cause any threats to passing planes, but that is as of now.

Alerts were issued by a number of aviation authorities, and it even prompted a few flights to be diverted.

Like all of the volcanoes in the Alaska Aleutian island chain, the Cleveland Volcano sits beneath that air traffic corridor. Scientists are currently watching the volcano and studying the ash cloud, which has reached an altitude of only about 15,000 feet. Most jets fly about 35,000 feet.

The Cleveland Volcano has had increased activity since 2011 including brief outbursts followed by calm. Scientists are not sure if this recent explosion will follow the same pattern.

"We haven't seen a phase like this where we've had multiple explosions," said Rick Wessels, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey's Alaska Volcano Observatory, told Reuters.

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