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Police dog eats pet hamster: Pet hamster eaten by police dog on duty

Police dog eats pet hamster: Pet hamster eaten by police dog on duty, A police dog eats a hamster while on duty during an animal cruelty bust in England. Inquisitr reports May 5 that an unfortunate hamster was eaten by a police dog that was helping law enforcement raid the home of Musa Khan,.

While the police were doing their job confiscating a bird, the dog accidentally tipped a cage over and snatched the man's pet hamster that was inside it. It was an ironic incident considering the animal was in less danger had help not arrived.

The report went on to say that after the pooch got his lips on the furry creature, he was forced to cough it up. It was too late, the hamster didn't make it.

Mr. Kahn had his home raided because the care he was giving his bird was in question. He apparently kept the feathered pet in a cage near a radiator and in a room where an old cat had been. The animal was in bad shape and needed cleaning.

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