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Coronado area smells a rat

Coronado area smells a rat, If you live or work in Coronado, there is a chance you might smell a rat.

According to a recent San Diego Union-Tribune Watchdog review regarding calls made to the San Diego County's Vector Control Program from 2009 through March 2013, Coronado led the way with a larger percentage of calls for assistance in dealing with the rodents, topping any other area of San Diego County.

As the review is quick to point out, the large number of calls coming from the island do not necessarily indicate one of San Diego's most famous areas is becoming over run with rodents, it just means that those residing or employed there are more apt to call for help.

The goal behind vector control is to prevent a creature to human problem before it occurs, meaning keeping such creatures from multiplying and possibly passing diseases on to individuals.

Among the ways to prevent rats from setting up shop in a neighborhood's commercial or residential area is keeping garbage to a minimum, maintaining proper building care such as cutting lawns and trimming bushes, and not leaving food out.

So, have you had run-ins with rats during your experiences in Coronado or for that matter other areas of San Diego?

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