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60,000 bees in cabin removed and relocated, volume shocks beekeeper

60,000 bees in cabin removed and relocated, volume shocks beekeeper, People are stunned by reports about there being 60,000 bees in a cabin in Eden, Utah. USA Today shared the details on May 5 of the cabin where honeybees that had been building and expanding their home in the eve of the Ogden Valley home since 1996.

The owners of the cabin knew the bees where there, but had no idea how many they had. The cabin was rarely used until the owners decided to occupy it fully while they built a new home nearby. They have two children, and decided it would be best to have them removed. They called in beekeeper Vic Bachman, and what he found was stunning.

Bachman says it was the biggest beehive he had ever removed. The bees had taken over an area above the roof rafters, and the honeycombs measured 4 feet wide, 12 feet long and 16 inches deep. The hive was right outside one of the children's bedrooms, and a few bees had made their way into the home. What everybody found when Bachman started the full removal, however, was beyond anyone's imagination.

The removal of the 60,000 bees in the cabin took six hours, and they were vacuumed into a cage so they can be moved to Deseret Hive Supply, a hobbyist store. Honeybees are in high demand, apparently, so this was a win-win for the cabin owners and the hobby store.

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