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Who murdered Kasie Clary?

Who murdered Kasie Clary?, As of late night May 5, 2013 it's been confirmed that Kasie Clary is no longer missing. The decomposing body that was located on Saturday in Northern Hill County, Tex. was positively identified as the missing 23-year-old woman after several hours. Kasie was supposedly murdered, according to her mother who shared this heartbreaking news just hours ago on the official Facebook page associated with this case.

There aren't many other details to report as this is still a developing story not yet to fully take place in media reports. But the mother of the once-missing woman claims that she was murdered. She said the following:

"I'm also angry as I've ever been in my life and I will not rest until the person/persons responsible have been brought to justice."

So how was Kasie Clary killed? Her remains were not visually recognizable when they were discovered recently, so it's likely that further testing will be needed to determine a definitive cause of death in her case. In the meantime, there is plenty of room for speculation regarding who would want to harm this beautiful young woman. Was she involved in any shady lifestyle choices such as drug dealing, prostitution or anything related? Was she entangled in a violent relationship? There are a wide number of questions that could be asked.

The Hillsborough Reporter shares more information about her case that answers some of the aforementioned questioned. She had reportedly been out of touch with family since April 28th, and was supposedly last sighted the following day with someone believed to be her boyfriend. That car was later found abandoned near the Waco area. So it's apparent that she was at least involved with a male somehow. Whether or not he was her boyfriend is up to reports to later clarify. Could he be the person who murdered her?

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