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Justin Bieber attacked During Show by Fan Onstage at Dubai Concert

Justin Bieber attacked During Show by Fan Onstage at Dubai Concert, Justin Bieber was attacked by a fan at a concert in Dubai on Sunday. According to a May 5 report in the Dubai English language newspaper, The National, a male fan stormed the stage and grabbed Bieber from behind while he was performing "Believe" on the piano at the end of the set.

Of course, an army of security guards jumped the youth, who was wearing a white shirt and jeans, and Bieber managed to free himself. He ran to the other side of the stage while security struggled with the offender who broke the piano in the struggle. It clattered to the stage floor with a loud noise. reports

Although somewhat rattled, the good-natured 19-year-old pop star and his 8-piece band completed the song while the struggle continued until the piano and the attacker were escorted off stage.

After a three-minute break, fans got the thrills they expected from the conclusion of the show, with Justin Bieber performing an encore of “Boyfriend” and “Baby.”

Bieber tweeted the following on Friday, May 3:
@justinbieber just chillin with the fellas in Dubai. no big deal. haha.

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