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Schwarzenegger son kicked out: Kicked Out Of Club For Threatening DJ

Schwarzenegger son kicked out: Kicked Out Of Club For Threatening DJ, Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick can’t echo his father’s famous Terminator line – He won’t “be back” to one famous club, after he threatened to beat up its DJ.

TMZ reported May 6 that the teen had quite a night.

Patrick Schwarzenegger let his temper get the best of him on Saturday after he was booted from Hollywood's famous Sayers Club, following an altercation with the club's DJ.

"I'm gonna beat the [expletive] out of the DJ," the irate USC freshman was reportedly heard boasting.

TMZ reports that Schwarzenegger’s anger was over what he felt was unfair treatment. "[The DJ] kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner," Schwarzenegger reportedly said.

A source tells Us Weekly that Schwarzenegger initially went unrecognized when he and his friends entered the club and sat at a table, but the issue escalated after Schwarzenegger accidentally bumped into DJ Anthony Valadez's equipment, not once, but several times.

"[Valadez] told him nicely a few times to please be careful because he kept bumping into it," the source tells Us. "I guess Patrick became annoyed so he started throwing ice at him. At this point one of the cocktail waitresses noticed it was Patrick Schwarzenegger and alerted the team who he was and that he was underage."

Tossing ice is not so bad. At least he didn't call up a T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit (aka my dad) to come stare at the DJ with that laser-like red stink eye.

Once outside the club, the 19-year-old tried to end his boisterous rant by climbing into a nearby SUV to escape the scene, but to no avail.

In footage obtained by the site, it appears as though Schwarzenegger is denied by the driver, to which he reacts by waving his hand in the driver's face condescendingly.

Throwing ice and a stern finger-wag. Oh the horrors.

On Monday, May 6, the aspiring actor issued a terse apology via Twitter: "Excuse my language. I apologize."

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