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Amanda Knox dubbed 'The Ice Queen' -- Does this indicate guilt?

Amanda Knox dubbed 'The Ice Queen' -- Does this indicate guilt?, On May 5, 2013, the UK Mirror shared the words of Perugia prison warder Angela Antonelli, and they painted a portrait of Amanda Knox that contrasts against the girl-next-door persona that has enchanted many.

Dubbed 'The Ice Queen' by the warder, is Amanda's alleged behavior behind bars indicative of guilt in the murder of Meredith Kercher? It may not directly, but if Antonelli's claims are true then Knoxy's behavior is indicative of someone with personality disorders and possible sociopathic tendencies.

Angela Antonelli claims that Amanda was "cold and impenetrable" while in prison in Perugia. She also claimed that the only time the accused murderer acted nervous was when she was awaiting a copy of a Harry Potter book shipped by her mother.

She showed no emotion while in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher, and not once cried out that she was innocent like many other inmates do.

Something that appeared to stick most in Antonelli's memory about Knox was that she walked right out of the prison (when her conviction was erroneously appealed) without batting a lash at the people she had gotten to know over a course of four years. Antonelli said:

"She showed no compassion or sensitivity to others. She just walked out. Is that human?"

Amanda Knox has famously been known for acting awkward and saying awkward things over the course of her ridiculous saga.

Most recently she voiced that she'd like to visit Meredith Kercher's grave someday. The UK Mirror shares this hard-to-stomach detail, as well as the clip of Foxy Knoxy dramatically voicing her version of the story in a recently televised interview.

It probably wasn't the best thing for Knox to say considering Meredith's family still strongly believe that she was involved in the girl's murder.

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