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Teen Ruby Zavala kidnapped by man who 'had obsession' with her

Teen Ruby Zavala kidnapped by man who 'had obsession' with her, East Tex. Amber Alert: Teenager Ruby Zavala was abducted on Sunday evening at knifepoint by a man described as being "obsessed" with her. Officials are now on the lookout for the missing 14-year-old girl and the 21-year-old man accused of taking her. As of May 6, 2013 there are no updates in the search but this is rapidly developing case that is only a few hours old. The Tyler Paper reports that the teen was with her mother and a sibling at church when Jesus Ramires,21, were accosted by the man and taken to a home in Titus County, Tex. The mother and sibling were allowed to go free, but the teen was taken by Ramires.

Jesus Ramires is considered to be armed and dangers. He is also described as "mentally ill," so anyone who comes into contact with him is encouraged to call authorities immediately. Do not approach him as he may cause harm to others or the missing teen -- if he hasn't harmed her already.

The fact that Ramires has been described as having an "obsession" with Ruby indicates that this could end on a disastrous note. He vanished with the 14-year-old child and could be anywhere with her. However, one thing that hasn't been clarified in the media is whether or not the teen is a willing participant in this "on-the-run" situation. If she was kidnapped violently and by force, against her will, then she is certainly in danger of being harmed. That danger decreases in intensity if she was a willing participant in any fashion.

This WFAA news report shares that Ruby Zavala was last seen wearing a white top, blue jeans and tan shoes. She stands at about five feet tall and weights around 120 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. Ramires stands at 5'9", 165 lbs., and has brown eyes and black hair. He was reportedly seen wearing a black baseball cap at the time of the reported kidnapping. If you have seen these two or know anything about the kidnapping please do not hesitate to contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department at the number shown on the flyer accompanying this post.

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