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Schwarzenegger son kicked out: Patrick threatens DJ Gets Kicked-out Sayers Club

Schwarzenegger son kicked out: Patrick threatens DJ Gets Kicked-out Sayers Club, Patrick Schwarzenegger was kicked out of a Hollywood club. TMZ reports on May 6 that Patrick threw ice cubes at a DJ inside the Sayers Club. The 19-year-old used a fake ID to get inside the club and was later thrown out.

Patrick Schwarzenegger relied on a fake ID to get inside the Sayers Club in Hollywood. However, he did not last long and was kicked out after throwing ice cubes at the DJ. After being thrown out, Patrick was seen outside the club and threatened to beat up the DJ.

The Sayers Club’s DJ, Anthony Valadez, had allegedly asked Patrick Schwarzenegger to be more careful near his table with equipment because the 19-year-old bumped into it. Patrick responded by throwing ice cubes at the DJ, and this gave one of the waitresses the chance to see him. She realized he was Schwarzenegger’s son, underage and causing trouble. Patrick was kicked out of the Los Angeles club.

The club was not the only the place that denied Patrick Schwarzenegger. After being thrown out, he attempted to get inside another person’s SUV and was refused. On May 6, Patrick wrote two Twitter updates that may have been a reference to the incident. The first post included an apology, and he commented, “Excuse my language. I apologize[.]” In Patrick Schwarzenegger’s second tweet, he wrote, “Live and learn, hope everyone has a blessed day[.]” Arnold Schwarzenegger has not made a statement about his son’s behavior.

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