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Will Mandy Matula's remains ever be located?

Will Mandy Matula's remains ever be located?, The search for Mandy Matula continues with very little good news to lend to a potential outcome. However, ABC Eyewitness News 5 shared that "suspicious evidence" was collected in a search on May 5, 2013. What evidence was located? Official are refusing to clarify on the evidence that was collected, but it's been questioned if the clue is related to the unspent ammunition found on Saturday.

Monday marks the fourth day of her disappearance, but it's well presumed that she was murdered by her estranged boyfriend David Marshall Roe -- who took his own life by shooting himself in the head. Roe left behind a note, but the details of what he wrote are also not being discussed. Will this beautiful young woman ever be located?

A Facebook group is active in spreading awareness about the woman's disappearance, and even her mother is involved. Lisa Matula shared her sentiment when she said the following:

"[I] Want to thank everyone that is helping find my daughter. I can not believe how many people she has touched and people that do not even know her to give up your time to help find her. God bless all of you."

This woman is certainly struggling with the situation. Her daughter was just in her life four days ago, and she very well may have been tragically taken away from her in as little as an instant. With David Roe dead it's going to be very difficult to locate her. The search is widening for her according to Valley News Live -- and probably for good reason. David Roe could have driven her anywhere before presumably killing her. This region in Minn. is heavy with wooded areas, so it's likely that Mandy Matula's remains may never be found.

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