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Bride killed limo fire: Five women, bride-to-be die in limousine burnt car

Bride killed limo fire: Five women, bride-to-be die in limousine burnt car, was along with several other women is topping news headlines this week, as KTVU News reported this Sunday, May 5, that a bride-to-be was tragically one of the ladies killed this Saturday night following a devastating explosion on a Calif. bridge.

The “bride killed limo fire” story begins something like this: according to CBS News, nine women were in the back of a limousine as part of a bachelorette party yesterday when the Lincoln limo caught fire on Highway 92.

“It appears the white town car limo was traveling westbound on the number three lane, when for some unknown reason, caught on fire,” said an officer on the tragic death of a bride killed in the limo fire with her friends. “The Driver stopped the vehicle in the number three lane.”

The driver of the limo escaped after seeing the fire, pulling over, and rushing out of the vehicle. Five of the nine women were killed after the limo caught fire, while the four others were taken to local hospitals for burns and smoke inhalation-related injuries. Police are currently investigating the cause of the limousine fire, which remains unknown. Our hearts go out to the bride-to-be, the other women

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