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60,000 bees in cabin: Biggest beehive ever for beekeeper team removed in Utah

60,000 bees in cabin: Biggest beehive ever for beekeeper team removed in Utah, Over 60,000 bees in a cabin was marked as the biggest beehive a team of Ogden beekeepers had ever seen, reported The Independent this Sunday, May 5, 2013. According to the report, a beehive that was over 12 feet long and hidden inside a cabin’s eaves in Ogden Valley had to be removed and likely held over 60,000 honeybees.

The “60,000 bees in cabin” story began after the owners of the cabin found a rising number of bees in their Utah home. Once the beekeepers removed a roof rafter panel, Riehl World View added, they were stunned to find honeycombs well over a dozen feet long, over a foot deep, and four full feet wide.

"We figure we got 15 pounds of bees out of there," said one of the brave beekeepers in a statement.

The keepers noted that while 60,000 bees in a cabin certainly sounds (and is) a dangerous threat, the team had no intention of killing the honeybees, as they remain a declining species with important roles in terms of pollination. The owner of Deseret Hive Supply was then called in to capture the bees, sucking them into a large storage unit.

“It doesn’t hurt them,” he added, as a vacuum cleaner of sorts is used to round the bees up.

The bee-clearing job itself cost $600 and 6 hours to complete.

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