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Ex-Ms. editor killed: Motorcycle accident takes the life of Mary Thom

Ex-Ms. editor killed: Motorcycle accident takes the life of Mary Thom, An ex-MS editor was killed after a motorcycle accident over the weekend in Yonkers, New York. Reuters reported on Sunday, April 28, 2013, that Mary Thom, a former women's magazine editor and world renowned feminist, lost her life after crashing her motorcycle on the Saw Mill Parkway on Friday night.

Thom was only 68-years-old.

"We, who are Mary's friends and family haven't absorbed her loss yet: it's too sudden,'' said actress Jane Fonda and feminist authors Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan, three co-founders of the Women's Media Center, in a statement.

"Ms. Magazine, the Women's Media Center, the women's movement and American journalism have suffered an enormous blow."

Thom was a friend to so many and always lived her life by giving women's rights a voice. Her career as a journalist, author, and editor was devoted to the women's movement, and she always made sure that women were represented to the fullest.

Perhaps what she was most known for was being the editor of Ms. Magazine, and at the time of her death, she was a top editor at the Women's Media Center.

Eleanor Smeal, publisher of Ms. Magazine, was a very close friend of Thom. She spoke on how the women's movement had lost one of its best supporters, and how she had personally lost a great friend.

"She was always there,'' Smeal said on Sunday. "She was always there as a guiding hand to make sure that the spirit of feminism came through in everything we wrote at the Women's Media Center and at Ms. Magazine. She will truly be missed."

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