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Giant floating head found in Hudson River: Its origin is a mystery

Giant floating head found in Hudson River: Its origin is a mystery, A giant floating head was found bobbing up and down in the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York and now the question of the hour is, did anyone lose a giant head?" According to AZ Central on April 25, 2013, the giant head is made of Styrofoam and fiberglass, so it's a floater.

The crew team from an upstate New York college found the big head and they pulled it up on land. You can see from the picture the head stands taller than the members of the crew team, so it looks like this head was severed off one big statue. This unusual object is missing part of its nose, but if it had a beard it could be the head of Abraham Lincoln, well maybe that's a stretch.

The team was practicing earlier in the week when the coach saw the large object bobbing in the water. They towed it to the team's dock by roping it and pulling it behind their boat, according to the officials at Marist College. It's certainly and odd object to find, but much less morbid than many of the other floaters found in the Hudson River throughout history.

The college officials believe the object, which is a 7-foot-tall replica of a man’s head made with Styrofoam and fiberglass, to be a theater prop. The head is done up in the style you might see on a Greek or Roman statue. No one has claimed ownership of the floating head, but someone somewhere must know who it belongs to. It is just too big to be misplaced or to fall out of someone's pocket, other than Paul Bunyan's.

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