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Glenn Beck conspiracy: 'Exclusive report' claims government cover up

Glenn Beck conspiracy: 'Exclusive report' claims government cover up, A Glenn Beck conspiracy is making headline news. On April 23, the International Business Times reported that the radio host put forward some information about the alleged "Saudi national" who was slated to be deported and says he has some information about how he believes that the U.S. government is covering something up that involves the man.

According to Beck's site, The Blaze, there is a lot more to this Saudi national than what meets the eye. Pointing out that the man -- identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi -- was being deported under Section 212 3B of the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Review, The Blaze reports that particular section is listed under a "Terrorist Activities" headline of sorts.

Glenn Beck's conspiracy theory is certainly getting people talking. While a lot of people think that the conservative is putting way too much effort in to this, others think that he may be on to something. Not to mention that there has been a lot of chatter about the Tsarnaev brothers being framed (regardless of the "fact" that Dzhokhar supposedly admitted to the bombings).

Beck has called Alharbi a "third suspect" in the Boston Marathon bombings. The man's file has since been "altered" -- something else that Beck finds curious. The Department of Homeland Security has said that there is not a Saudi national under investigation -- so who do you believe?

Does a Glenn Beck conspiracy theory hold up? Do you think there is more to this puzzle?

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