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Grandfather sells newborn grandson on Facebook

Grandfather sells newborn grandson on Facebook, According to a news article released today April 25, by the Huffington Post, a grandfather from the northwestern state of Punjab, India took his week-old newborn grandson from his daughter and sold him on Facebook.

Feroze Khan, 47, originally wanted his daughter, Noori, to have an abort the baby, a procedure her doctors advised against due to her advanced gestation. Noori was divorced from her husband last year and her father was attempting to arrange a second marriage for her.

When Noori refused to have an abortion, Khan, then hatched a plot with two hospital employees, a nurse and a lab assistant, to kidnap the child. A story released Tuesday by the Punjab Newsline details how Feroze took the infant on April 10 while his daughter was sleeping and turned him over to Nurse Sunita who in turn passed him to lab assistant Gurpreet SinghSingh then posted photographs of the baby and advertised him for sale on Facebook. He sold the child to a New Delhi resident by the name of Amit, who agreed to pay 45,000 rupees, or $830.

Noori contacted the police when she awoke to find her son missing. Police investigated and found the baby. All persons involved have been arrested and mother and son have been reunited.

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