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Guns and mental health: Be careful what you wish for

Guns and mental health: Be careful what you wish for, "Connecticut passed a law today that bans so-called assault weapons. This is not hitting the real problem of mental health." – The Government Sucks Facebook page, April 4, 2013.

In a free society all mental health and medication decisions will be handled as voluntary issues.

Unfortunately, the people who will decide your state of mind today will be statist officials, and by now anyone who understands what George Washington understood – "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force" – knows what this means.

Reason's Hit & Run Blog reported how libertarian David Lewis, as a result of New York State's "hastily passed" gun control law called The SAFE Act "mistakenly" had his guns confiscated and Second Amendment rights stripped because he was prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

This is Obama's Police State meets Thomas Szasz's Therapeutic State.

If this is the future, that anyone who's even the least bit upset, troubled or dismayed over any issue can be denied the right to gun ownership by the raw power of government violence, who will ever again admit to any such problem?

Marital difficulties? Better not go to a marriage counselor. You might be reported to the Conjugal Cops who'll launch a midnight gun raid on your home. Better to just let the wedded un-bliss fester until the two either bail out or work it out.

Life falling apart from unemployment and dating problems? Don't go to a shrink or you might be ratted out to the Bureau of Brain Breakdowns. Find yourself a good bartender instead and keep your guns.

Want to overcome your lifelong problems with claustrophobia, kleptomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder ... disorder ... disorder? Don't let any professional mental health practitioner know about it, they'll turn you in to the Mind Marshals and you'll never pull a trigger again.

Returning from a war zone with post traumatic stress disorder? Saying hello to your first psychoanalyst means waving goodbye to your Second Amendment.

(The self-obsessed neurotic Hollywood crowd will be just fine, by the way, since most of them suffer from hoplophobia anyway – the irrational, permanently fanatical, obsessive horror of guns.)

For all others, don't look, act, speak or dress "inappropriately" or men in white suits will take you away and men in blue suits will take your guns away.

No one can pre-judge who will be the next psychopathic killer, especially not psychopathic government officials.

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