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Man allegedly gave kids and ex-wife meth-laced cookies to discredit her in court

Man allegedly gave kids and ex-wife meth-laced cookies to discredit her in court, A father in Des Moines, Wash. allegedly gave his two children and ex-wife meth-laced cookies in an attempt to discredit her in court, according to KATU on April 25.

The parents are former meth users and separated in April 2011. The children were put in the father's care while the mother went to rehab.

Chad Holm, 37 and his 43-year-old girlfriend, Monique Garcia were questioned by detectives after the 7-year-old boy gave his 5-year-old brother and mother cookies during a supervised visit on Sept. 3. They ate part of a cookie with frosting on top that was made with sugar and meth. The mother and son were unable to finish the cookie because they tasted awful. Later, they both tested positive, according to the Des Moines Police Department.

It was the first time the mother had tested positive since she sought treatment.

Holm's ex-wife told detectives that her ex-husband may be responsible. She said that they were going to court and were in a custody battle and that she believes he did this to discredit her.

His girlfriend told police that she remembered making cookies with the kids, but was unsure of how meth would get into them. She said that her and Chad Holm are no longer drug users.

The ex-husband also denied the allegations and told detectives that she is attempting to cover up a relapse.

When the 7-year-old, who delivered the cookies, was tested for meth, it came up positive, possibly due to environmental reasons. Holm also tested positive, although he later tried to forge the test results to be negative.

Because prosecutors cannot prove who put the meth in the cookies or who baked them, they are not filing charges. However, Chad Holm is facing charges of perjury for falsifying his drug test results.

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