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Ed Norton fight: Hits 'Ed Norton's' camera

Ed Norton fight: Hits 'Ed Norton's' camera, Ed Norton has been accused of hitting a camera held by an Ed Norton look-alike. The incident took place in New York City. According to an April 25 report by TMZ, the Ed Norton look-alike is Alain “Aldino” Bin Naim.

Aldino is a self-proclaimed “celebrity interviewer.” He has his own public access television show in Manhattan. It was unknown if the camera that was hit was a camera used for photography or a camera used for Aldino's television show.

The Ed Norton look-alike followed the real Ed Norton, asking about their similar appearance. The real Ed Norton told the look-alike to get away. That is when the camera was hit.

Aldino asked for a splint for his hand after the camera smack down, but was not seriously injured. It is unlikely that Ed Norton will be in any legal trouble after the incident. The police do not believe there is enough evidence to prosecute the real Ed Norton for hitting the Ed Norton look-alike's camera.

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