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Abusive swaddling: Daycare workers arrested for child neglect and abuse

Abusive swaddling: Daycare workers arrested for child neglect and abuse, Two daycare workers, sisters Nazila and Lida Sharaf, have been charged with several counts of child neglect and abuse in California. The two sisters swaddled seven babies so tightly they could not breathe. According to an April 24 report by the San Francisco Chronicle, the incident is known as “abusive swaddling.”

The Livermore police began investigating the sisters at the daycare when a former employee of the Universal Preschool LLC quit. She then told the authorities how she had seen children being “restrained improperly.”

The police learned during their investigation that Nazila and Lida Sharaf had abusively swaddled three boys and four girls at the the daycare. Nazila Sharaf was the licensee of the daycare and Lida Sharaf was the director.

The babies that had been abusively swaddled were between the ages of seven to 11 months old. Both women knew the babies suffered from upper-respiratory conditions, but that didn't stop them from the abusive swaddling. Blankets were even placed over the faces of some of the children.

The two women are each being held on $700,00 bail. They have been charged with three counts of felony neglect and abuse as well as four counts of misdemeanor child neglect and abuse.

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