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Heartbroken bride-to-be prepares for the funeral of her fiance

Heartbroken bride-to-be prepares for the funeral of her fiance, At this moment, young bride Sarah Maccullum should be on her honeymoon enjoying the life of a newlywed with the man of her dreams.

Instead the 21-year-old is preparing for fiance Nick Czerwinski's funeral after he died from a heart condition just three days before their big day.

Although the pair were due to wed in hospital, Sarah says that Nick's death has come as a real shock.

Sarah, who lived with Nick in Plymouth, Devon, said: 'He was so laid back, you never knew there was anything wrong with him.

Tragic: Nick (left) died of cardiomyopathy just three days before he was due to marry fiancee Sarah

'He never complained. We did not realise how many friends he had until he passed away. We wanted to get married so I would have his last name, the same surname as our daughter.'

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Sarah's sister Becky, 18, added: 'He was always cheering everyone else up, when we should have been cheering him up.'

Nick, 22, who had a lifelong heart problem died suddenly only three days before the ceremony planned at Harefield Hospital near London.

Now Sarah faces the difficulty of paying for his burial only seven months after the birth of their daughter Leila.

His family say they cannot afford to pay £4,000 for the funeral they say he deserves and have appealed for help.

They are also struggling to meet the £400 cost incurred in bringing Nick back from a hospital near London.

Heartbroken: Sarah has been left to bring up daughter Leila alone and is struggling to pay for Nick's funeral

Nick was born with cardiomyopathy, a heart disease which led to an irregular heartbeat. He attended Estover Community College and City College Plymouth, where he studied catering and was also where he met Sarah.

She said: 'He loved his food, he used to plan his day around his meals. They were one of the few things he could enjoy in the end.'

Nick was also a keen Plymouth Argyle fan and used to have a season ticket at Home Park.

Nick spent several months last year at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex, but when the couple planned to marry on April 12 they were looking forward to a future together.

Nick died from bleeding on the brain as a side-effect of his heart problems on April 9, just weeks after going on the transplant list for a new heart.
She added: 'Myself and all my family have now gone on the register for organ donations. You never think anyone you know will need a donation, but it could happen to anyone.'

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