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Heather Palumbo-Jones breaking news: The plot thickens

Heather Palumbo-Jones breaking news: The plot thickens, Breaking news: A longtime friend of Heather Palumbo-Jones has reached out to share a variety of details regarding the missing woman's marriage to Chris Jones -- and her words came with an ominous warning. This breaking news was shared directly to be written exclusively for Examiner on April 23, 2013 -- during a slow time where there don't appear to be many investigative updates in the search for the missing Germantown woman.

As you can see by the screenshot above, the woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) describes Chris Jones as a persistent father who may have tried to kidnap his own son. She even charges that the two never had an open relationship, which is a contrast against his claims made in this article. Chris Jones claimed that the two had an open marriage and that their relationship wasn't over due to his infidelity.

Heather Palumbo-Jones remains missing, and it's been over a week since anyone has heard from her. Her friends are rightfully worried for her, and the longtime friend who sent the email about Chris had a sort of warning to offer regarding this case. She says that she wants police to move quickly enough to gather evidence before it is destroyed. Meanwhile, police in Germantown are seeking help from the public in locating the missing teacher, because they've apparently run into a brick wall as far as locating her goes. Officials have even made comments alluding to the belief that she might be dead -- by saying that her body or belongings need to be found for them to move forward effectively.

Updates appear to be slowing down in this case, but hopefully some more updates make it to the media soon -- in the form of Heather being found or someone being arrested and charged with a crime.

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